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Malerba bail bonds Data Center Development Planning :
Before entering the data center design, both the contractor and especially the stakeholders on the establishment of a data center need to do careful planning for this, and the more comfortable is to contact the data center development consultant who has had the work that can be proved.

Malerba bail bonds Location of Data Center Development :
The first thing to think about and not to miss is to locate the data center. The data center location can be inside the company building or outside the company building, depending on the intent and purpose of the data center to be built.

Malerba bail bonds Beyond this, as one of the primary data center functions in addition to the sustainability of operational activities is for disaster mitigation. In this case, the data center should be built outside the company location or the primary business.

Malerba bail bonds

Location Data Center Location Criteria:
Outside of the earthquake and Tsunami
Minimum 30 Km from the center of organizational activity and Maximum 50 Km to reduce the risk of data loss due to latency.
Not in areas that often flood and better still if the data center building is built on the surface of the highway as high as 2 to 4 meters.

Malerba bail bonds Far from the plane flight path
Not in areas where there is often the potential for unrest and bomb threats
In areas with colder air temperatures
Close to the fire department and the police station
Easy access, not far from the toll booth
In areas where the local government strongly supports the construction of data center buildings.

Malerba bail bonds

Design Concept in Building Data Center
Technological change is a thing that needs to be considered carefully in the early planning of data center development by the contractor for the purpose of flexibility and scalability, meaning that if at any time there is a change both on technology used and policy and mission changes then the data center is not too difficult to adopt the amendment.

Malerba bail bonds Data Center Design Criteria
Uptime Institute has set up 4 tier level data centers (Tier 1 Data Center) ranging from Tier 1 to lowest tier 4 with the consideration of reliable electrical control system to almost 100%, so there is no interruption to the services provided.

Malerba bail bonds Electrical systems in the data center need to be supported by the power supply from various sources, both from PLN, PGN, and given a minimum 2 Genset reserves with 1.5 megawatt capacity which is automatically controlled by an electrical system panel at the data center building that will be built.

Malerba bail bonds The indoor data center temperature-control system requires a chiller that sprays water froth with a safe distance above the server’s rack. The cooling system, chiller, and humidity control of the room must be in a single controlling order connected to all the devices (integrated).

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